My experience with Professional Academy Of Clinical Thermology was excellent. The process was quick, incredibly easy and completely pain free. The staff of PACT made me feel comfortable and were friendly and informative, as well. I left my appointment feeling like I had ‘inside information’ on my health, because we were able to see what was going on inside my body right then and there. Overall, an excellent experience and service all women should use!.

Corona Del Mar, CA

Toxic Oral Lymphatic Fluid Case Study


This patient displays leakage of toxic oral lymphatic fluid that has forced its way through the system and in to the nipple area of the left breast.  It is well understood that oral bacteria poses a threat to the cardiac valves.  Many have theorized that it can affect the breast.  This case study demonstrates the probability.

Case Study

Lifestyle changes can be tracked and corrected. This case shows a woman who had a toxic buildup in her left breast. After a year of lifestyle changes that toxic area was gone. Use thermal imaging to track your health.