Improve Breast Health

The image below demonstrates how making lifestyle changes can improve overall breast health. The area above the right nipple was never biopsied, but nonetheless is suspected to be early cancer. A significant improvement is seen in the adjacent image.weight loss

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Case Study

Vascular Patterns cs

The importance of both color and grayscale imaging in breast cancer screening is of utmost importance. As you can see in these images the grayscale provides better clarity of the condition present. This is an example of a CLOSED VASCUALR PATTERN. A thermologist should always consider this to be pathological until proven otherwise.

Early Detection Saves Lives

The image to the left show a very fast growing tumor. The thermal images show the heat associated with the tumor in July 2012. In only a few months the tumor broke the skins surface and by January showed this thermal impression. Cancer cells can divide fast. Do not rely on any one technology for early detection. Studies have shown thermography can find tumors up to 10 years before a mammogram in 70% of the cases according to a University of Wisconsin study; as well as a concurrent Russian study that showed approximately the same results.

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